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How to choose the right paper for your job.

Gloss, Silk or Matt coated, Uncoated or Speciality?

Coated paper, either gloss or silk, is what holiday brochures are commonly printed on.

Gloss paper gives the best 'lift' to the ink colours while a matt or silk surface is used to reduce the reflections or give a nice smooth feel. The 'chalky' coating is more off-white than most uncoated papers.



A coating allows for the widest range of colour reproduction because most of the ink drys on the surface of the paper without soaking in. The International colour standard comes into its own using these papers because we can colour match the pictures you see on your calibrated computer screen with our printed proofs and the finished printed result.


Uncoated paper is familiar to most people as letterhead paper or photocopier paper.

But why is it becoming so fashionable for full colour brochures and leaflets? There are a few reasons. Firstly, there is a huge selection of different 'feels' and 'looks' to this range. A web site can never offer a tactile experience to the reader. Whereas uncoated papers can have a really 'warm' feel about them because they often have a texture and grain. The 'natural wood floor' of papers.
Although uncoated paper is absorbent, a bit like blotting paper, the days of dingy, blurry colours with no detail are gone for good at Evolve. With our new ability to digitally analyse the end printed result for each type of paper we have devoloped a way to maximise the colour results for printing on uncoated papers. We do this by recalibrating the amount of ink we print dot by dot, colour by colour across the entire colour range. The results are bright colours with detail preserved and accuracy to the original pictures beyond what has ever been possible before. We are leaders in this field.



Speciality papers

Everything else. We have a vast selection of rubber coated, texturised, recycled and bitty paper. Ask us for details as these are constantly being refined and introduced. We love all the new stuff.


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